Simply Find Me – Battery Powered


Simply Find Me is a battery powered IP 67 rated tracking unit that is ideal for monitoring and locating assets where there is no constant power.

This smart unit will provide a location when your asset moves or stops moving, alert can be set up based on motion status , or when your asset enters or leaves specific locations.  This maximises battery life providing up to 60 months standby.

Should the worst happen and your asset is stolen, or moved with out your consent the device can be put into “find me” mode from our Smartphone App or from any desktop with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Find Me mode will increase the location updates to every 30 seconds while in motion and every 30 minutes when stopped.

The Simply Find Me  package includes 12 months service.


Simply Find Me – Battery Theft Protection Tracker

The Simply Find Me is a compact, rugged GPS tracking device designed for tracking containers, trailers, skip bins, and other assets.

Need a long battery life? 

We provide a super-long battery life without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

The IP-67 rated housing is rugged and UV stable, so the Simply Find Me, which means its ideal for assets that are extreame environments including rain, dust and marine conditions.

By utilising the latest technology, the Simply Find Me can operate in ultra-low power modes. With an incredible battery life of up to 5 years, the Simply Find Me unit can be attached to assets and tracked without needing to change batteries. The Simply Find Me has built-in antennas for GPS reception and for cellular communication, a 3D accelerometer, a high-performance GPS that can track both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously and flash memory for storing non-volatile information.

The Simply Find Me uses 3 x AA 1.5V “off the shelf” Lithium batteries. These are generally available at retail outlets from manufacturers like Duracell and Energizer. Industrial 1.5V Lithium AA batteries are also available at bulk pricing.

The Lithium batteries have excellent performance and capacity and allow the Simply Find Me to work in extreme temperatures and climatic conditions that other tracking devices fail to operate.

What’s included in the box?

The Simply Find Me package is a complete ready to go system and includes:

  • Australian approved IP 67 hardware
  • Energizer Lithium Batteries
  • Sim Card and Data
  • Portal Access
  • Smartphone APP
  • Shipping

Protect your gear!

In Australia, hundreds of vehicles, boats, bikes, caravans and other valuable assets get stolen every single day.

CCTV cameras are great, to a point. Using a quality GPS Tracking system from Simply Unified will give you far more information and should the worst happen, you’ll stand a real chance of getting your gear back.

Quality, reliability and stability

Not all GPS tracking systems are created equal. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Our products are all approved for use in Australia.  Our business is a real brick and mortar business based in Perth. WA. Our servers are secure and found here in Australia.



In Australia, hundreds of vehicles, boats, bikes, caravans and other valuable assets are stolen every single day.

CCTV cameras are great, to a point.  Using a quality GPS Tracking system from Simply Unified will give you far more information and should the worst happen, you’ll stand a real chance of getting your gear back.

live tracking

live tracking

A GPS Tracking System from Simply Unified provides the ability to monitor and report on all aspects of vehicle activity. Information includes location, speed and heading, along with driver behaviour and stop location and time. 


Battery technology and battery management have seen massive improvements recently. Using our cutting edge technology, we can deliver up to 5 years of battery life.

track livestock


Keep track of livestock movement with our range of cellular and satellite based waterproof tracking devices.

geofence alerts


Our Geofencing system provides automated alerts for all types of activity within a Geofence, including entry, exit, designated speed along with action from external inputs, for example, PTO activated.

Water and Dust Proof

Our devices are rated to IP68 and IP68 to deliver a tracking solution suitable to be used externally. For example a trailer, container or lighting tower.

Secure high quality mapping.

Ensuring that your privacy and security requires a high level of security from a software point of view. A large number of “Free Mapping Software” provides do not offer much in the way of security. Not just security from a tracking point of view but security to your personal information.

You would not leave your door open to intruders would you?

Of course not, so why leave yourself open to potential hackers.  Remember, when you go online to check the location of your asset, you’re opening a connection to your smartphone or PC. IF the site is not secure, you are vulnerable to hacking. 

Our service provides high security on mapping and telco data

Don’t be fooled into getting a Sim and some free tracking software. Simply Unified provide a complete end to end solution, including a secure SIM and Data package , Australian hosted platform with a high level of security. This is supported by unlimited customer service plus a lifetime product warranty.

Intuitive and easy to use Software

What you see is what you get. Click on the icon, get that information. No searching around hidden menus and confusing techno-babble set-up screens.

So user-friendly and intuitive that you will not need an instruction manual!

The information you need most

Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software has been carefully designed to deliver the information you need most when you need it. Unlike other platforms you wont be bombarded with meaningless mounds of telemetry data!  Only useful, visual and meaningful graphic map displays, events & alerts, and excel based reports.


Get the information you need to drive efficiency, productivity and safety.

Available for IOS and Android devices

Quickly locating an asset is now easier than ever with the App. Log in on any Apple or Android device and use the live tracking facility with detailed vehicle information overlaid

Movement Alert … Simple to set

Want to know when your vehicle or asset moves? Easily set a movement alert from the App and receive notifications if any movement is detected.

Recover a lost, stolen or misplaced asset

Easily activate Recovery Mode from the App on trackers that are configured to only deliver daily updates for assets that have gone missing!  The tracker will begin live tracking within the App to facilitate asset recovery.

Simply Find Me range

The Simply Find Me range of tracking solutions use the same high quality product we use for our business grade service and include 12 months service as part of the deal.

What happens at the end of the first 12 months?

You service plan which includes all SIM, Data, Software Access and continued warranty is just $10 per month, charged annually.

Key Features

Optional Immediate updates on:

  • Trip start
  • Trip end

The SU-6800 Mini can be remotely switched into Recovery Mode which switches the device to do live tracking and reporting – so that you can get your asset back!

The SU-6800 Mini will track successfully where other devices just give up.

This fantastic technology allows the GPS to predict which satellites are in orbit above it and to dramatically reduce the time-to-first-fix of the GPS, and the overall performance of the GPS, especially in ‘urban canyon’ or forested environments

A future firmware version will allow for harsh G-force detection (like assets being dropped or involved in accidents) and report these to the server

The SU-6800 Mini has the capacity to hold hundreds of geo-fences that can be downloaded to it from the server. The SU-6800 Mincan use this geo-fence information to:

  • Implement arrival and departure alerts
  • Implement speeding zones with audible warning alerts
  • Implement “No-go” and “Keep-out” areas
  • Automatically control outputs, for example to switch on warning lights when inside a special area
  • Warn drivers when approaching dangerous intersections
  • Disable data communications within intrinsically safe areas

Hardware Features

Low-profile IP67 rugged housing

The IP67 rated housing is made of sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate plastic to survive bumps and knocks and to survive many years in the sun and weather.

It is low-profile making it easier to mount in the corrugation on containers or concealed on the underside of a trailer, for example.

The housing screws together for easy assembly, and has 2 convenient mounting tabs. It also has ‘strap slots’ allowing the SU-6800 Mini to be cable tied or metal strapped to an asset.

Dimensions: 100 mm x 65 mm x 19 mm
Weight: 160 grams with batterie


AA size

The SU-6800 Mini uses 3 x “AA” size 1.5V Lithium batteries which provide a balance between size and capacity

Off-the-shelf Lithium

The SU-6800 Mini must be fitted with off-the-shelf 1.5V Lithium batteries. These are readily available from retail outlets, for example Duracell and Energizer.

The SU-6800 Mini can be set to use Adaptive-Tracking technology where the accelerometer and GPS data are used to intelligently work out if it is moving and to send frequent updates, and to scale the update rate down to once per day if the asset is stationary – to preserve battery life.

5 years @ one position per day (at 25°C)

-20°C to +65°C 1

For operation in extreme temperatures, the SU-6800 Mini must be fitted with Lithium batteries. Batteries are affected by temperature extremes and typical performance is dependent on


The SU-6800 Mini uses both the GPS and GLONASS positioning systems simultaneously.

This allows the device to use twice the number of satellites to get a position fix – making it faster and more accurate.


Supports concurrent GPS and GLONASS
72 channel high sensitivity receiver
-167dBm industry leading tracking performance
Optimal hot-start performance
AssistNow Offline aiding data for fast time-to-first-fix and performance in urban canyon environments


The SU-6800 Mini’s GPS signals are boosted by a special low-noise amplifier (LNA). This allows the SU-5000 H to operate where normal units will fail to receive GPS signal

Even when designing a low-cost device our partners are not prepared to compromise on the performance of the product. You will see the difference if you compare device performance in low signal environment.


Internal GPS and Cellular RF antennas tuned by the RF laboratories to ensure optimal performance

The 3-axis accelerometer allows the SU-6800 Mini to ‘sleep’ in an ultra-low power state yet still wake-up when movement occurs.

Future firmware versions will allow for harsh G-force detection (like assets being dropped or involved in accidents)

The SU-6800 Mini has enough flash to store over 50,000 data records, and will record information even when out of cellular coverage.

The flash memory is also used to store firmware updates, GPS aiding data, parameters and other important information.

A future firmware version will allow for geo-fences to be loaded into the flash memory of the device and used for geo-fence alerting on the device.

Water and Dust Proof

Our devices are rated to IP68 and IP68 to deliver a tracking solution suitable to be used externally. For example a trailer, container or lighting tower.