Protect your gear!

In Australia, hundreds of vehicles, boats, bikes, caravans and other valuable assets are stolen every single day.

CCTV cameras are great, to a point.  Using a quality GPS Tracking system from Simply Unified will give you far more information and should the worst happen, you’ll stand a real chance of getting your gear back.

Quality, reliability and stability

Not all GPS tracking systems are created equal. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  All of our products are approved for use in Australia.  Our business is a real brick and mortar business based in Perth. WA. Our servers are secure and based here in Australia.


Deploy one of our quality tracking units

Monitor and alert

Get alerts of unauthrised movements


Track and locate missing asset

How does the Simply Find Me system work?

We use the same high-quality tracking devices that we do for our business-grade customers. The Simply Find Me plan provides a simple location-based on movement. This is ideal for everyday use because you don’t need heaps of data. Our plan provides an update on the start of a trip and the end of a trip. If your vehicle is missing, all devices can be set into Find Me Mode. This mode puts the device into live tracking when the unit updates as either a start or stop of a trip. The device will report its locations every 30 seconds while on a trip and every 30 minutes when stationary.

Upgrade without buying new hardware.

All of our Simply Find Me devices can be upgraded remotely to any of our other plans without the need to purchase new hardware.

Lifetime product warranty

All Simply Unified products are covered by a lifetime product warranty as part of our service fee. This means that should our product fail as a result of a manufacturing defect, we’ll replace it!

14-day money-back guarantee

If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, simply return it within 14 days for a full refund.

Choice of formats

Choose from IP67 rated battery-powered, OBD2 plug and play or hardwired devices.

Secure high-quality mapping.

We are ensuring that your privacy and security requires a high level of protection from a software point of view. A large number of “Free Mapping Software” providers do not offer much in the way of security. Not just security from a tracking point of view but security to your personal information.

You would not leave your door open to intruders, would you?

Of course not, so why leave yourself open to potential hackers. Remember, when you go online to check the location of your asset, you’re opening a connection to your smartphone or PC. IF the site is not secure, you are vulnerable to hacking. 

Our service provides high security on mapping and telco data

Don’t be fooled into getting a Sim and some free tracking software. Simply Unified offer a complete end to end solution, including a secure SIM and Data package, Australian hosted platform with a high level of security. We support our products with a Lifetime warranty.

Intuitive and easy to use Software

What you see is what you get. Click on the icon, get that information. No searching around hidden menus and confusing techno-babble set-up screens.

So user-friendly and intuitive that you will not need an instruction manual!

The information you need most

Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software has been carefully designed to deliver the information you need most when you need it. Unlike other platforms you wont be bombarded with meaningless mounds of telemetry data!  Only useful, visual and meaningful graphic map displays, events & alerts, and excel based reports.


Get the information you need to drive efficiency, productivity and safety.

Available for IOS and Android devices

Quickly locating an asset is now easier than ever with the App. Log in on any Apple or Android device and use the live tracking facility with detailed vehicle information overlaid

Movement Alert … Simple to set

Want to know when your vehicle or asset moves? Easily set a movement alert from the App and receive notifications if any movement is detected.

Recover a lost, stolen or misplaced asset

Easily activate Recovery Mode from the App on trackers that are configured to only deliver daily updates for assets that have gone missing!  The tracker will begin live tracking within the App to facilitate asset recovery.

Simply Find Me range

The Simply Find Me range of tracking solutions use the same high-quality product. We use for our business-grade service and include 12 months of service as part of the deal.

What happens at the end of the first 12 months?

You service plan which includes all SIM, Data, Software Access and continued warranty is just $10 per month, charged annually.!