Personal Tracking

Personal  GPS Tracking System Personal tracking devices are designed to be portable and are battery operated. Personal tracking can provide increased freedom and safety for our children, remote workers or those that suffer from Alzheimer’s, Dementia or learning difficulties. Automated Alerts For Business users or those that want to try on monitor a large number of SPOT Gen 3 device may prefer to subscribe our web web tracking platform in place of the consumer based Find Me Spot portal on our web based portal and can generate alerts should the end user leave a pre-set area. For example, an alert can be raised should a person enter a high risk area or in the event of a duress. Safety in remote areas In Australia there are many areas that the mobile phone network simply does not work, these are often in remote areas where getting help quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Simply Unified has a range of personal tracking devices that use the satellite network to provide one-way or two-way communication on a global or near global basis. The SPOT Gen 3 is a low cost personal tracking device with the ability to raise a help alert or should the worst happen a monitored SOS alert. Our range of personal tracking devices provide that critical link when time counts by providing an automated alert coupled together with precise GPS based location, including the time the alert was raised. Its easy to see why more and more people are enhancing their safety with a personal safety solution from Simply Unified  
  • Campers
  • Fishermen
  • Remote workers
  • Motorcyclist
  • Exploration teams
  • Lone workers
  • Keep fit enthusiasts
  • Teens
  • Elderly
  • Bush walkers
  • Prospectors
  • Global travelers
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