SU-5100 3G IVMS System


SU-5100 3G IVMS System



SU-5100 3G IVMS System is ideal to use for vehicle monitoring with reports for security, tracking, geofencing, driver identification and accelerometer. In the event of an accident, the accident detection system or blackbox will provide a second-by-second  recording of valuable GPS and accelerometer data for a two hour window

Superior Quality – Smarter Technology – Lifetime Warranty

Like all of our Tracking products, the SU-5100 provides more than just a dot on the map.  From smarter technology, to fixed low ongoing costs, Simply Unified are dedicated to providing class leading service backed by our 14 day money back guarantee and lifetime product warranty.

Service Fees

Track 24: Features turn by turn updates, 30 second timed update, instant updates for trip start, stop and alerts. $24
Suspend Service $5.95


SU-5100 Features

AssistNow Offline

The SU-5100 will track successfully where other devices just give up.

This fantastic technology allows the GPS to predict which satellites are in orbit above it and to dramatically reduce the time-to-first-fix of the GPS, and the overall performance of the GPS, especially in ‘urban canyon’ or forested environments.

Flexible Logging Parameters

The SU-5100 trip logging is flexible and can be configured to log based on a variety of parameters including:
◾Elapsed time
◾Distance travelled
◾Change in heading
◾Change in speed
◾On Stationary
◾Accelerometer events (harsh driving)

Accident and Rollover Detection

The SU-5100 uses the built-in accelerometer to detect high G impacts such as accidents and rollovers and reports these events to the server for emergency alerting.

Harsh Driving

The SU-5100 automatically calibrates its built-in 3 axis accelerometer and uses this to detect harsh driving events:
◾Excessive acceleration
◾Harsh braking
◾Cornering at speed

These events are logged in the SU-5100 along with additional event statistics that allow back-end server platforms to perform sophisticated driver profiling and scoring.

Accident Data – Blackbox

The SU-5100 keeps a second-by-second “blackbox” recording of valuable GPS and accelerometer data for a two hour window. This data from the Blackbox can be automatically uploaded to the server when an accident is detected, or it can be requested manually.

Driver Identification

The SU-5100 supports a number of ways to identify a driver:
◾RFID reader and a card or keyfob
◾5 digit keypad to enter a PIN code
◾Console with built-in RFID reader
◾iButton 1-wire reader

Driver Lists

The SU-5100 can be updated from the server with lists of Drivers that are allowed to drive the vehicle that it is installed in. When a driver or operator registers on the SU-5100 it will check the Driver List to see if that person is authorised to drive the vehicle. The list also includes information about the driver such as whether they can perform supervisor functions.

The SU-5100 can be installed to immobilise a vehicle and only allow authorised drivers / operators to drive it, or to annoy an unauthorised driver with a loud buzzer.


The SU-5100 has the capacity to hold hundreds of geo-fences that can be downloaded to it from the server. The SU-5100  can use this geo-fence information to:
◾Implement arrival and departure alerts
◾Implement speeding zones with audible warning alerts
◾Implement “No-go” and “Keep-out” areas
◾Automatically control outputs, for example to switch on warning lights when inside a special area
◾Warn drivers when approaching dangerous intersections
◾Disable data communications within intrinsically safe areas

Emulated Ignition

This setting allows the SU-5100 to determine that a trip has started based on accelerometer and GPS data and to automatically set the ‘ignition’ input on the device to emulate the ignition line.

This means that the SU-5100 can be installed with the option of not wiring in the ignition line and ‘emulating’ the ignition based on movement.

Run Detect

This setting allows the SU-5100 to monitor the system voltage and to detect changes in the voltage that indicate if the engine is running or not.


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