The SU-1200 is a compact 4G Cat-M1/Nb-IoT GPS tracking device with a variety of inputs and outputs to cater for the most demanding applications.

With the internal GPS and cellular antennas installation is a breeze. The internal backup battery provides alerts and tracking operations even when external power is removed.

Monthly service fees start from just $20. Pay annually from just $199



lATEST 4g cAT m1

Our system uses the very latest 4G Cat M1 mobile network to deliver a secure, reliable level of service.


Superior Quality – Smarter Technology – Lifetime Warranty

Like all of our Tracking products, the SU-1200 provides more than just a dot on the map.  From smarter technology, to fixed low ongoing costs, Simply Unified are dedicated to providing class leading service backed by our 14 day money back guarantee and lifetime product warranty.

live tracking


A GPS Tracking System from Simply Unified provides the ability to monitor and report on all aspects of vehicle activity. Information includes location, speed and heading, along with driver behaviour and stop location and time. 

Bluetooth scanning


Monitor other vital vehicle diagnostic data such as tire pressure, fuel levels, trailer temperatures, and more with the SU- 1200’s Bluetooth 5.0 module

gps tracking with battery back up

battery back-up

The SU-6200 is fitted with it’s own battery back up system for added security

Business Grade Reporting


Erratic driving not only increases the risk of an accident, but it also increases fuel use, wear and tear and maintenance costs. Our systems provide details on driver behaviour. Features include harsh acceleration, cornering and heavy braking.

driver behaviour


Erratic driving not only increases the risk of an accident, but it also increases fuel use, wear and tear and maintenance costs. Our systems provide details on driver behaviour. Features include harsh acceleration, cornering and heavy braking.



In the event of an impact or accident, our system will capture the last 120 seconds of vehicle activity on a second-by-second basis.

vehicle roll over


Our vehicle roll-over system automatically detects a vehicle roll-over situation, raising an immediate alert to notify support staff.

using digital outputs on vehicle tracking to activate external devices


Use digital outputs to activate external devices under a given condition. For example: turn on safety lights when entering a mine site.

using digital outputs on vehicle tracking to activate external devices


Our systems incorporate several digital inputs. Using digital inputs provides information from external devices, for example, the use of a HIAB.

Choose your plan

Packages from $199 a year: includes FREE App and unlimited users!

track basictrack pro
Lifetime Warranty
Timed Update3 Minute Timed Updates30 Second Timed Updates
Turn By Turn Tracking
Service Log Book
Basic Reporting
Customised Reporting
Email Alerts
Push Alerts
Driver Log Book
Business Hours Response
24 Hour Support
Monthly Service Plan$20$24
Annual Service plan $199$239
Pay annually and get 2 months FREE!


  • Fit the SU-1200 with an optional Iridium Edge Module (sold separately) to track assets in remote areas outside of cellular coverage.
  • When the SU 1200 is within coverage it uses the cellular modem, which is much more affordable than Iridium airtime.
  • When the device can no longer join the cellular network, it switches to the Iridium Network


  • Monitor other vital vehicle diagnostic data such as tire pressure, fuel levels, trailer temperatures, and more with the SU-1200’s Bluetooth 5.0 module.
bluetooth tracking with the SU-1200


Key Features

Immediate updates on:

  • Trip start
  • Trip end
  • Impact
  • Harsh Driving
  • Input trigger
Time updates (in a trip)
Every 30 seconds or where there a change in direction, whichever occurs first.

The SU-1200 will track successfully where other devices just give up.

This fantastic technology allows the GPS to predict which satellites are in orbit above it and to dramatically reduce the time-to-first-fix of the GPS, and the overall performance of the GPS, especially in ‘urban canyon’ or forested environments

The SU-1200 trip logging is flexible and can be configured to log based on a variety of parameters including:

  • Elapsed time
  • Distance travelled
  • Change in heading
  • Change in speed
  • On Stationary
  • Accelerometer events (harsh driving)

The SU-1200 uses the built-in accelerometer to detect high G impacts such as accidents and rollovers and reports these events to the server for emergency alerting.

The SU-1200 automatically calibrates its built-in 3 axis accelerometer and uses this to detect harsh driving events:

  • Excessive acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Cornering at speed

These events are logged in the SU-1200 along with additional event statistics that allow back-end server platforms to perform sophisticated driver profiling and scoring

The SU-1200 keeps a second-by-second “black box” recording of valuable GPS and accelerometer data for a two hour window. This data can be automatically uploaded to the server when an accident is detected, or it can be requested manually

The SU-1200 supports a low-cost external RFID reader to read cards and keyfobs in order to identify drivers.

The SU-1200  can be updated from the server with lists of Drivers that are allowed to drive the vehicle that it is installed in. When a driver or operator registers on the SU-1200 it will check the Driver List to see if that person is authorised to drive the vehicle. The list also includes information about the driver such as whether they can perform supervisor functions.

The SU-1200 can be installed to immobilise a vehicle and only allow authorised drivers / operators to drive it, or to annoy an unauthorised driver with a loud buzzer.

The SU-1200 has the capacity to hold hundreds of geo-fences that can be downloaded to it from the server. The SU-1200 can use this geo-fence information to:

  • Implement arrival and departure alerts
  • Implement speeding zones with audible warning alerts
  • Implement “No-go” and “Keep-out” areas
  • Automatically control outputs, for example to switch on warning lights when inside a special area
  • Warn drivers when approaching dangerous intersections
  • Disable data communications within intrinsically safe areas

This setting allows the SU-1200 to determine that a trip has started based on accelerometer and GPS data and to automatically set the ‘ignition’ input on the device to emulate the ignition line.

This means that the SU-1200 can be installed with the option of not wiring in the ignition line and ‘emulating’ the ignition based on movement

The SU-1200 continuously scans for Bluetooth devices. DM products include the Guppy Bluetooth and SensorNode Bluetooth.

The SU-1200 intelligently maintains a list of devices in range and reports the list to the server on the following conditions:

  • Tag found (comes into range)
  • Tag lost (goes out of range)
  • Periodic list update

Hardware Features

Snap-Clip ABS Plastic Housing

Made of sturdy UV resistant plastic the housing clips together for easy assembly, and has 2 convenient mounting tabs.

Dimensions: 125mm x 65mm x 30mm
Weight: 250 grams


24 pin connector, A harness is supplied as standard with the SU-1200

Input Voltage:

8V to 45V DC (max)

Operating Current:

Up to 200mA peak (excludes switched power outputs)

Sleep Current:


Internal Back-Up Battery

1100mAh Li-Po Internal Back up battery.
Allows for an external power removed alert, and the device to continue tracking for some time should there be a power cut.

Self-resetting fuse

The SU-1200 passes stringent automotive power “load dump” tests to ensure that it will continue to operate in the harshest electrical systems. A built-in self-resetting fuse makes installation easy and safe.

Operating Temperature

On external power
-20°C to +60°C

Below 0°C the standard internal backup battery’s ability to deliver sufficient power to operate the cellular modem is reduced. Below 0°C and above +45°C the internal backup battery will not be charged as a safety precaution due to dangers associated with charging batteries at extreme temperatures.

Concurrent GPS and GLONASS tracking

72 channel high sensitivity receiver

-169dBm industry leading tracking performance

Battery backed up for optimal hot-start performance

AssistNow Offline aiding data for extremely fast time-to-first-fix and performance in urban canyon environments

Low noise GPS Amplifier

GPS signals are boosted by a special low-noise amplifier (LNA). This allows operation where other units will fail to receive GPS signal.


Internal GPS and cellular antennas

Having the antennas inside the housing makes for very simple and quick installation. The SU-1200 has had its antennae tuned by the top laboratories to ensure optimal performance.

Flash Memory

Normally data is sent to the server immediately but if the device is out of range there is space to ensure no data is lost – for many weeks of driving!

3-axis accelerometer

Allows the device to detect harsh driving events, and to go to ‘sleep’ when not moving, resulting in extremely low standby current

Bluetooth 5.0

The SU-1200 is equipped with a Bluetooth v5 module, enabling it to communicate with Bluetooth tags and sensors. Such tags can be placed on low-value assets to provide their position when in range of theSU-1200.

Sensors e.g. temperature/tyre pressure can relay information to the SU-1200, which will upload the data to the server. 


Sim Size

Micro (3FF) size cellular SIM card

4G Modem:

uBlox SARA-R410M Modem operates on all major global LTE-Cat-M1 and NB-IoT bands. These new low-power networks are specifically designed for IoT applications, providing great battery life
Supported LTE bands:
1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26*, 28 (*roaming bands)


1 x Ignition Digital Input
0-48V DC, 5V on/off threshold

6 x Digital Inputs

6 x Digital Inputs with configurable pull-up/pull-down
0-48V DC input range

2 x Digital Outputs

2 x Switched Ground Digital Outputs, easily wired up to switch external lights, relays, buzzers etc. Can be used to immobilise a vehicle. 500mA max.

1 x Analogue Input

1 x 0-30V analogue input, with auto ranging

Internal Buzzer

Audible alert without requiring the installation of an external buzzer. Can be used for speeding alerts, harsh driving alerts, reminders to swipe RFID tags, error conditions, input feedback and other events.

2 x Switched Power Out

The SU-1200 can provide power to external peripherals allowing for easy installation and doing away with the need for additional external power supplies.

Outputs are either 5V (external power connected)
or Vbatt (no external power)
Maximum current: 400mA

Driver Identification

Driver ID via RFID reader or iButton
The SU-1200 can be update from the server with lists of Drivers that are allowed to drive the vehicle. The G120 can be installed to immobilise a vehicle and only allow authorised drivers/operators to drive it.

Supported Driver ID interfaces:
RS232, Wiegand, TTL, iButton

3rd Party readers which output one of the above formats can be integrated into the SU-1200 FW to enable current site cards/passes to be used.


Can be used to connect and Iridium Edge Module for out of cellular coverage.

Diagnostic LED

The diagnostic LED makes it easy to see if the device is operating correctly.

Web Based Software

Intuitive and easy to use

What you see is what you get. Click on the icon, get that information. No searching around hidden menus and confusing techno-babble set-up screens.

So user-friendly and intuitive that you will not need an instruction manual!


Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software has been carefully designed to deliver the information you need most when you need it. Unlike other platforms you wont be bombarded with meaningless mounds of telemetry data!  Only useful, visual and meaningful graphic map displays, events & alerts, and excel based reports.

Get the information you need to drive efficiency, productivity and safety.



As the world becomes more mobile, touch friendly, browser based responsive software is becoming the new gold standard, a standard which Simply Unified meets and exceeds

With Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software you can do everything on your mobile device that you would normally do at your desktop!


In addition to pdf and html, Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software offers extensive Excel based reports, with pivot tables embedded for data manipulation. Save your favourite reports, configure your own report formats and even preview them on screen before downloading.

No queuing, processing or waiting, just click and open!

The Timeline feature is an exciting innovation unique to Simply Unified. Events, alerts and activities are recorded in the Timeline creating an instantaneous visual overview of a vehicle or assets activity.

Use the Timeline to quickly understand milestones and incidents.


…or set your own trip categorization criteria. Set custom categories for trips e.g. sales, quotes, service, deliveries etc.

Easily create logbooks, business travel reports, customer service reports or any other output.


Quickly set geofences in order to raise alerts or record time devices arrive, leave or remain in a specified area.

The are no limits tot the number of geofences permitted.


SmartPhone APP

Quickly locating an asset is now easier than ever with the App. Log in on any Apple or Android device and use the live tracking facility with detailed vehicle information overlaid.

SU-8000P Personal Tracking

The App makes it simpler than ever to see where all of your assets are located or travelling in a single glance.  Click on an asset to see the live view screen for an individual asset.

gps tracking mobile app

Easily switch to satellite view to get a better understanding of where your assets are. Watch your assets travel in real time on satellite imagery.

Want to know when your vehicle or asset moves? Easily set a movement alert from the App and receive notifications if any movement is detected.

movement alerts

Easily activate Recovery Mode from the App on trackers that are configured to only deliver daily updates for assets that have gone missing!  The tracker will begin live tracking within the App to facilitate asset recovery.

Bundle SU-8000p