SU-6000 Battery Powered Satellite Asset Tracker


SU-6000 Battery Powered Satellite Asset Tracker



The SU-6000 battery powered satellite asset tracker with optional line power designed to withstand some of the harshest environments. With satellite communications as standard, SU-6000 battery powered satellite asset tracker has near-global coverage at an affordable price. The SU-6000 battery powered satellite asset tracker supports location tracking and two independent alarm inputs. Housed in a compact, rugged enclosure rated to IP 67 make it ideal for the Harsh Australian conditions. Used with the Simply-Unified web portal, SU-6000 battery powered satellite asset tracker provides a low cost solution for tracking your remote assets, as well as monitoring external alarms. SU-6000 battery powered satellite asset tracker is delivered complete and ready-to-go. Since the SU-6000 battery powered satellite asset tracker has a multi-year battery life, there is no need for an external power source (unless required). SU-6000 battery powered satellite asset tracker uses “off the shelf” AA Lithium batteries, removing the obligation to purchase expensive proprietary batteries.

Satellite coverage

Satellite communication for near global coverage

The SU-6000 uses the Globalstar satellite network to provide coverage in areas where traditional mobile network based trackers are unable to work.


Superior Quality – Smarter Technology – Lifetime Warranty

Like all of our Tracking products, the SU-6000 provides more than just a dot on the map.  From smarter technology, to fixed low ongoing costs, Simply Unified are dedicated to providing class leading service backed by our 14 day money back guarantee and lifetime product warranty.

waterproof - Copy

ip67 rated

Rated to IP67, the SU-6800 mini is waterproof and dustproof, making it ideal for both internal or external installation. The SU-6500 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including trailers, container, in fact, anything you need to track!

gps tracking unit with 3 year battery life

Up to 3 year battery life

Battery technology and battery management have seen massive improvements recently. Using our cutting edge technology, we can deliver up to THREE years of battery life.

engine run hours


The SU-6000 can capture run hours. Our system will provide maintenance based alerts whenever a service is due.

Business Grade Reporting


Erratic driving not only increases the risk of an accident, but it also increases fuel use, wear and tear and maintenance costs. Our systems provide details on driver behaviour. Features include harsh acceleration, cornering and heavy braking.

Choose your plan

Packages from $250 a year: includes FREE App and unlimited users!

Track 1sTrack 2sTrack 4s
Lifetime Warranty
Daily Updates Included1 Update4 UpdatesUnlimited Updates
Basic Reporting
Customised Reporting
Email Alerts
Push Alerts
24 Hour Support
Monthly Service Plan$25$30$40
Annual Service plan $250$300$400
Pay annually and get 2 months FREE!

Web Based Software

Intuitive and easy to use

What you see is what you get. Click on the icon, get that information. No searching around hidden menus and confusing techno-babble set-up screens.

So user-friendly and intuitive that you will not need an instruction manual!


Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software has been carefully designed to deliver the information you need most when you need it. Unlike other platforms you wont be bombarded with meaningless mounds of telemetry data!  Only useful, visual and meaningful graphic map displays, events & alerts, and excel based reports.

Get the information you need to drive efficiency, productivity and safety.



As the world becomes more mobile, touch friendly, browser based responsive software is becoming the new gold standard, a standard which Simply Unified meets and exceeds

With Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software you can do everything on your mobile device that you would normally do at your desktop!


In addition to pdf and html, Simply Unified GPS Tracking Software offers extensive Excel based reports, with pivot tables embedded for data manipulation. Save your favourite reports, configure your own report formats and even preview them on screen before downloading.

No queuing, processing or waiting, just click and open!

The Timeline feature is an exciting innovation unique to Simply Unified. Events, alerts and activities are recorded in the Timeline creating an instantaneous visual overview of a vehicle or assets activity.

Use the Timeline to quickly understand milestones and incidents.


…or set your own trip categorization criteria. Set custom categories for trips e.g. sales, quotes, service, deliveries etc.

Easily create logbooks, business travel reports, customer service reports or any other output.


Quickly set geofences in order to raise alerts or record time devices arrive, leave or remain in a specified area.

The are no limits tot the number of geofences permitted.


SmartPhone APP

Quickly locating an asset is now easier than ever with the App. Log in on any Apple or Android device and use the live tracking facility with detailed vehicle information overlaid.

SU-8000P Personal Tracking

The App makes it simpler than ever to see where all of your assets are located or travelling in a single glance.  Click on an asset to see the live view screen for an individual asset.

gps tracking mobile app

Easily switch to satellite view to get a better understanding of where your assets are. Watch your assets travel in real time on satellite imagery.

Want to know when your vehicle or asset moves? Easily set a movement alert from the App and receive notifications if any movement is detected.

movement alerts

Easily activate Recovery Mode from the App on trackers that are configured to only deliver daily updates for assets that have gone missing!  The tracker will begin live tracking within the App to facilitate asset recovery.

Bundle SU-8000p

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