Hard hats, safety goggles and steel-toed boots—HSE is everyday protocol, but will it protect your lone workers from every incident?


Workers in the Engineering and Construction industry are faced with many hazards, as construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work in the world.

In 2013, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States reported 20 percent of occupational fatalities were in construction, and the UK’s Health & Safety Executive reported 31 percent of workplace fatalities were also construction-related.

Thousands of incidents occur annually that put construction workers on short and long-term disability—many, never able to work again due to their injuries.

You need to protect your most important asset—your employees.



Your teams are prone to the “fatal four” hazards in the Engineering & Construction industry—falls, caught between objects, electrocutions and struck by objects.

From site supervisors and foremen to operators and architects, you are responsible for the safety and well being of all of your lone workers.

Are you confident you have the right processes in place to immediately coordinate an emergency response for your lone workers when a safety incident occurs?


To make a difference, no time can be wasted in managing your emergency response.

Many organizations still use antiquated check-in procedures to ensure the ongoing safety of employees. This approach has proven it is not capable of responding fast enough, in real-time to make a difference for your lone workers.

Optimized emergency response time is at the core of Blackline Safety’s solutions. We provide all customers with the ability to quickly respond to injuries, health incidents and even animal attacks, in the shortest time possible.

In Engineering & Construction applications where Blackline’s technology is used, responders can be directed in real-time not only to a precise outdoor location, but the exact floor and room a lone worker is located in when working in a skyscraper under construction.

Our technology shaves minutes, even hours, off response time, when lone workers need help—regardless of location.

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