Myionu are a division of AffinityOne Pty Limited (who commenced operations in Australia in 2006) and supply GPS location based services to business and more recently consumer markets.
Prior to operations starting in Australia, the business provided telematics solutions in Europe from 2001.AffinityOne also distribute the GlobalStar SPOT device in Australia.Our PlatformThe Myionu platform is a secure web based system that is sold and distributed throughout Australia by AffinityOne and the rest of the world through its SAAS partners as a white label product.

Hardware is manufactured to a high standard and is configured with Myionu custom profiles and firmware. Hardware is supported with 12 months manufacturers warranty with the added benefit of Myionu Care which provides our customers with a repair/replacement warranty for the life of the subscription.[hr_invisible] 


Communication channels are device dependent. AffinityOne provides communication channels using:

  • Telstra GPRS
  • Telstra Next G
  •  Iridium SBD
  • GlobalStar Simplex Data
  • Wi-Fi
  •  900 Mhz Radio[hr_invisible] 

AffinityOne provides two levels of customer support:
Level 1
Hardware failure and service issues limited to individual devices. Service is provided Monday to Fri 08.00 – 17.00 hrs. Calls after this time (and where calls cannot be answered by a team member), are handled by our call overflow centre. Details are taken and a member of our support team will make contact within 4 business hours.
Level 2
Critical Issues that affect all devices are supported 24 hours a day, every day. Calls received outside of normal business hours are routed to our out of hours support team who will take details and alert our duty officer. Customers are contacted by our duty officer within 2 hours.[hr_invisible] 


As part of a customers purchase, one on one training is provide. Training is provided free of charge and is conducted using our web based online meeting software which can deliver live training with webcam access to 16 separate sites simultaneously. Our training is further supported with online “how to” instructional movies and well as a downloadable user guide.[hr_invisible] 
Branded Portal
Myionu can  provide a branded portal service which is supported with a customer’s logo.[hr_invisible] 
Reports and formats
Our reporting suite provides a range of reports and can be customised based on events and alerts. Customers requiring specific report customisation can request functionality, however this may be subject to additional fees.[hr_invisible] 
All reports can be exported as a PDF, CSV, Excel or Word document.[hr_invisible] 

Data Storage
Data is stored for a period of 6 months. Additional periods available on request (subject to fees and charges).

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