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Enables organizations with worker safety monitoring

Mobile personnel often work in uncontrolled environments that pose countless threats to worker safety. Loner remote safety monitoring solutions from Blackline GPS deliver simple, economical, and non-intrusive tools to monitor workers’ ongoing safety and manage an efficient emergency response whenever needed.

Seamless operation between traditional cellular and global satellite networks
Loner 900 is a Class I, Division 1 intrinsically safe device that monitors a worker’s ongoing safety. When a safety incident occurs, Loner 900 communicates the alert information plus the worker’s location to monitoring personnel for management of an efficient, pin-point response.

Loner Bridge is a base station that communicates with multiple worker-worn Loner 900 safety operates through a 900 MHz radio link. Providing dual-mode satellite and cellular backhaul communications to Blackline infrastructure, Loner Bridge automatically and seamlessly use its satellite network when outside of cellular coverage. Self powered and portable, users are able to quickly move Loner Bridge from one vehicle to another, such as from an all-terrain vehicle to a work truck.
Unlike many competitive solutions, Loner 900 coupled with Loner Bridge operates inside buildings when using cellular or satellite communication.



Optional In Building Tracking.


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Enables precise indoor positioning throughout facilities and buildings Real-time employee safety monitoring continues to emerge as a new safety best practice. From a facility safety management perspective, indoor location technology has been the last remaining challenge facing true 360° degree employee safety monitoring— until now.

Compatible with Blackline’s Loner safety monitoring devices, AntHill location beacons are compact, self-powered and installed throughout facilities. Each AntHill location beacon is installed at a known location where there is associated employee traffic such as doorways, access points, hallways, catwalks, and rooms. Each AntHill beacon broadcasts a unique identity number that allows Loner products to report the employee’s location within a facility or building. As employees with Loner safety monitoring devices pass by AntHill beacons, the Loner device wirelessly updates the employee’s location within Blackline’s Loner Portal web-based safety monitoring application. If an employee encounters an incident that threatens his or her safety, the Loner safety monitoring device communicates the alert type, employee’s name, and location to monitoring personnel who manage a pin point emergency response to the correct building, floor, and room.

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ANThill Price Per Beacon $156.20

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  • Improves awareness of remote workers’ safety.
  • Quickly mobilize an emergency response by mapping worker locations in Loner Portal.
  • Real-time safety alerting increases awareness of safety incidents.
  • Achieves regulatory compliance as required in some regions.
  • Reduces mobile worker anxiety about safety.
  • An automated system that does not require manual worker check-in.
  • Immediate alert is triggered if the worker is incapacitated.
  • High capacity battery provides 24 hours of operation.
  • Customizable location scheduling provides bread-crumb of worker locations.
  • Easy training for workers and monitoring personnel.
  • Affordable for both small business or enterprise deployment.


  • Loner Background Services alert monitoring personnel even when Loner Portal is not used.
  • Call-out list provides multiple layers of alerting to ensure an incident is addressed.
  • Loner Web Services enable software developers to integrate safety monitoring within a call center.
  • Easy-to-use web-based Loner Portal for efficient setup and mapping.
  • Customizable Loner Portal account implementation for diverse customer needs.
  • Sharing of Loner devices across multiple Loner Portal user accounts.
  • Firmware upgradable over-the-air to accommodate future enhancements.
  • Web-hosted Loner Portal user account. No software to install.

Size & Weight
Size: 63 mm W x 107 mm L x 22 mm D (2.48” W x 4.213” L x 0.87” D)
Weight: 120 g (4.2 oz)

Safety Features
Fall detection technology: Tri-axis accelerometers, tri-axis gyros,
plus software processing
Emergency latch: Release latch to trigger emergency alert
Worker motion monitoring: Configurable time window (1 – 10 min)
Worker check-in (optional): Required check-in period (5 – 180 min)

Buttons & Indicator Lights
Power button: Power on/off
Acknowledge button: Check-in / Silent emergency / Cancel pending alerts /
Acknowledge alerts
Emergency latch: Send emergency alert
Red indicator light array plus vibration and buzzer: Safety alert triggered
Green indicator light: Blinking (powered), continuous (connected)

User Notification
Indicators: Acoustic buzzer, LEDs, and vibration motor
Acoustic buzzer sound pressure level: ~90 dB @ 10 cm (~90 dB @ 3.94”)

Wireless Communication
Radio: 900 MHz ISM
Antenna: Internal quad-band
Bidirectional communication with firmware upgrade over-the-air (FOTA)

Assisted GPS
Radio: 20 channel high sensitivity, mobile assisted
Antenna: Internal Ultimate Sense 2® GPS antenna for weak GPS signal conditions
Accuracy: ~5 m (16 ft) outdoors, ~50 m (165 ft) indoors
Real-time location turnaround time: ~20 seconds
Alert Messages
Fall detected / Emergency / No-motion / Missed check-in / Low battery / Power off /
Silent emergency
Mobile Messaging Methods
Email, text message (SMS)

Power & Battery
Rechargeable Li-ion battery: 1000 mAh capacity
Battery life: 24 hours continuous operation
Charging connector: 4 pin sealed connection

Storage temperature: -30 to 75° C (-22 to 167° F)
Operating temperature: -20 to 55° C (-4 to 131° F)
Charging temperature: 0 to 45° C (32 to 113° F)
Ingress Protection: Designed to meet IP65

FCC Part 15 Subpart B, FCC ID: TBD

Device Requirements
Activated service plan, wireless communication coverage, GPS coverage for GPS locating

One year limited factory warranty. Wireless coverage and activated service plans.

Loner Portal Web Application
Features Include: Alarm banner, event history, device location mapping,
device management, alert & notification settings and more.

Wireless Coverage and Activated Service Plans
Wireless coverage: Nearly 150 countries.


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