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Lone Worker Safety System With Man Down,Fall Detection and In-Building Tracking

Monitor and track workers in the field, in buildings or even underground.

Our Lone worker system monitors staff all day – every day – to give you total peace of mind, no matter where they are.

Whether it is due to legislation, increased corporate responsibility, or just a desire to cut costs due to workplace injuries, many businesses have begun looking at ways to improve the safety of their employees who work alone, in isolation, or in the field (a.k.a. “lone workers”). With that in mind, here are three quick tips that can help any business improve the safety of its employees. Our Lone worker system monitors staff all day, every day, to give you total peace of mind.

1. Create a Lone Worker Policy

Regardless of whether or not you have employees who may work alone or in isolation, your business should have a lone worker safety policy in place. This policy must outline the proper steps and procedures that employees and management must follow to ensure the safety of employees who may find themselves working out of sight and sound from others.
2. Establish a Desired Emergency Response Protocol
Does your business have an action plan that it follows in the event of an emergency? It is crucial to have a response process outlined and that specific people are made responsible for receiving information and coordinating any rescue efforts.

Careful – if too many people are designated as emergency recipients, there is a danger that none of them will kick off a rescue effort because they will think that someone else will already be on the case.
3. Deploy a Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Solution

Once you’ve created your lone worker policy and deployed it into the wild, you will want to look at having your team members equipped with safety monitoring devices. These handy units provide instant awareness of an emergency, including when an employee has been rendered incapacitated (and unable to pull out a phone and call in for help). Your personnel responsible for receiving safety alerts must operate according to your previously established response protocols. Your lone worker safety device provider will offer an on-board program geared towards training your employees and ensuring that your deployment of the solution goes as well as possible.

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See how our advanced lone worker GPS tracking and safety system can help keep your staff safe.


Our lone worker safety system can provide accurate locations (even when in a building!)


Mobile personnel often work in uncontrolled environments that pose countless threats to worker safety. Loner remote safety monitoring solutions from Blackline GPS deliver simple, economical, and non-intrusive tools to monitor workers’ ongoing safety and manage an efficient emergency response whenever needed. In Building Location Enables precise indoor positioning throughout facilities and buildings Real-time employee safety monitoring continues to emerge as a new safety best practice. From a facility safety management perspective, indoor location technology has been the last remaining challenge facing true 360° degree employee safety monitoring— until now. Compatible with Blackline’s Loner safety monitoring devices, AntHill location beacons are compact, self-powered and installed throughout facilities. Each AntHill location beacon is installed at a known location where there is associated employee traffic such as doorways, access points, hallways, catwalks, and rooms. Each AntHill beacon broadcasts a unique identity number that allows Loner products to report the employee’s location within a facility or building. As employees with Loner safety monitoring devices pass by AntHill beacons, the Loner device wirelessly updates the employee’s location within Blackline’s Loner Portal web-based safety monitoring application. If an employee encounters an incident that threatens his or her safety, the Loner safety monitoring device communicates the alert type, employee’s name, and location to monitoring personnel who manage a pin point emergency response to the correct building, floor, and room.

Rental Options


More than a lease program
Our new Loner Complete three-year lease program provides everything required to deploy the most sophisticated safety monitoring system in the least amount of time and in the most affordable fashion.
Adopting lone worker safety technology has never been easier. With no upfront fees, Loner Complete delivers our Loner® monitoring technology as a service program with an affordable monthly fee.

As an operational lease, Loner Complete can be recorded as an operations expense, not touching capital purchase budgets. Starting at just $1.65 per day per employee, safety monitoring has never been so accessible


Outright Purchase Options

Our outright purchase option, once you have paid for the hardware, the only ongoing costs are the annual service fees.